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Guild Wars 2 prepares to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee


Were you aware that Tyria, the world of Guild Wars 2, is a royalist nation? It’s ruled over by the monarch Queen Jennah, and she’s been sitting on a jewel encrusted throne for a whole ten years now. So in the name of pomp, it’s time to put up the bunting for the latest Guild Wars 2 event. 

Kicking off on the 6th August, the Queen Jubilee will offer hot air balloons for players to travel the world in style, flying to Divinity’s Reach to get them to the Opening Ceremony.

The ceremony introduces a new gladiatorial arena which can be spectated and fought in. The Crown Pavilion will see you represent a city of Tyria as you fight various enemies in attempt to be crowned champion and rewarded with access to unique item vendors. Alongside this is the Queen’s Gauntlet, a wave-based challenge where you will have to best a series of bosses in single-combat. Special gambit conditions will earn you new rewards.

If you’re less willing to spill blood in the name of entertainment for your monarch, you can help ignite a series of beacons around Kryta in a new race quest.

For the two-week event, the new rewards will have a ‘Watchwork’ theme, with clockwork-style technology being used to craft new items. Completing the meta achievement for the even will gain you a Watchknight Mini; a mechanical guard modelled on the Queen’s sentinels.

There will also be a developer livestream at the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel on the 5th August at 12pm PDT, where ArenaNet will be discussing the development of the event and offering a sneaky peak at what’s to come in the following fortnight.

The event will see a few new changes to the game’s mechanical side, too, with bonus money of up to 3 gold awarded for completing dungeons. Champion bosses now all drop bonus loot when killed. New mini-games have been introduced thanks to the Cutthroat Politics event, and will be on rotation in Lion’s Arch every day.

You can keep an eye on the Guild Wars 2 website for more details on the Queen’s Jubilee event.