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Guild Wars 2 PvP team tournaments begin on 23 November

Guild Wars 2 arenanet

PvPTV have partnered with Arenanet to launch a regular set of 2v2 grudge matches. All the fights will be streamed and the winners earn themselves 2,000 gems from Arenanet. The tournament’s been given the snappy title of GW2PvPTV 2v2 Tournaments. It rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

All of the tournament’s 16 teams will be battling in the cave on Temple of the Silent Storm. Each battle is a best of three game, except the final match in which two teams will tear each other part in a best of seven game.

Unfortunately this tournament is limited to the NA servers.

The first tournament will take place on 23 November and continue on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis after that. PvPTV aren’t clear as to which, presumably it is down to the popularity of the tournament.

It’s not only the winning team that receive a prize, though. The runners up receive 800 gems to share.

Here are the rules that PvPTV have come up with

  • Teams may not consist of the following compositions:

    • Double Bunkers

    • Any Class Stacking

    • Minion Necro and Spirit Ranger

  • Once a player is stomped, he or she may not rejoin the fight or join the spectator team. Players that do this will be disqualified.

  • Players may not make use of any form of Hacking, Mods, or Game Exploits as defined by the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement

  • No Purposefully avoiding combat (otherwise known as delaying/stalling). Admins will decide when and if players are stalling. First offense is a warning, Second offense will give your opponents one point, Third offense is Disqualification.

  • Each team must be standing at opposite ends of the cave when the round begins

  • If a player leaves the cave (top of the staircase), The opposing team will be given one point.

  • Players have 5 minutes to change builds between rounds. We recommend players have multiple characters of the same class prepared so that they may be ready to switch in a timely manner if they wish.

  • Admins reserve the right to change/alter the rules at any time

If you’re interested in taking part then you best head on over to the signup page. You’ll be able to see the battles broadcasted on PvPTV on 23 November.