Guild Wars 2 release date revealed


ArenaNet have just given Guild Wars 2 an official release date in the US and Europe, and it’s 28th August. That’s not very far away at all. The date, as well as signalling the dawn of a glorious, flowering retail release, also signals the imminent close of the current beta phase, access to which is still available to anybody who pre-purchases the title. Yesterday’s server stress test should hopefully have taught ArenaNet a thing or two about staying online in the days following a prestigious MMO launch. You can pre-order the game right here.

The announcement was preceded by this awesomely prophetic mini-trailer.
Not sure whether it’s your bag? We’ve loads of Guild Wars 2 class previews on GuildWarsN, so I suggest youpoke around to find one that you might enjoy. One of them’s a sort ofwolf who can build gatling guns. You can’t go wrong with that, really.