Guild Wars 2 “Retribution” update to add new dungeon; Molten Weapon Facilities


Guild Wars 2’s Flame and Frost ‘living’ storyline will come to a close on April 30th with “Retribution”, the finale to the four part living story. The accompanying update is vast, introducing custom arenas and spectator mode to Guild Wars 2’s PvP. But for the moment, we’re going to focus on the new dungeon coming to Tyria: The Molten Weapon Facility. Home to the alliance of dredge and the charr of the Flame Legion, players will race against the clock to stop them unleashing deadly new technology upon the world. With new enemies, weapons and a boss battle that will “go down in Guild Wars 2 history”, this dungeon marks a new direction in encounter design for the Guild Wars 2 team.

A little bit of history: the last dungeon to appear in Guild Wars 2 arrived in November: with the Fractals of the Mists as part of The Lost Shores update. The community has hungered a new challenge for quite some time now.


Retribution will see the culmination of the living story saga, where our Tyrian heroes will follow Rox the charr and the norn Braham into the depths of the Shiverpeaks, to try and put an end to the Molten Alliance and save the innocent captives they have been testing their deadly new weapons upon.


ArenaNet have done a odd thing here: they’ve designed the dungeon from its culminating boss battle backwards. The team, (made up of developers outside the standard dungeon team), had a clear idea on what they wanted the final boss to be, and so started on that first. It’s also a single path dungeon, focused more on the personal narrative than on branching storylines.


There are a handful of new creatures to fight, packing weapons forged from the Molten Alliance fused tech. ArenaNet have said that the difficulty of the dungeon lies in the middle of story mode and explorable, so I wouldn’t expect a walk over here.


As for rewards, Arenanet have yet to explain exactly what you’ll earn for completing the dungeon. Could we see the standard token system which is the staple of most dungeons in Guild Wars 2, or maybe a one time reward akin to The Lost Shores event.

We’re getting an exclusive hands on of the new update this weekend, so check back in on Monday for an extensive guide on defeating the Molten Weapons Facility.