Guild Wars 2 snowflake jewellery exploit spells perma-bans for worst offenders


A Wintersday exploit that saw players spawn infinite amounts of prized ectoplasm has been squashed and its culprits issued permanent bans by ArenaNet.

An exasperated Gaile Gray, ArenaNet support liason, took to the official Guild Wars forums to explain the policy to dogged ban-ees.

“I’ve seen the numbers, and the damage to the economy could have been substantial, if the exploit wasn’t closed down and if these people were allowed to use their ill-gotten gains.”

Those banned were reportedly the very worst offenders.

I’m talking a lot of ill-gotten gains that posed a significant potential impact on the economy,” continued Gray. “Any time you take one thing and can make two, and then four, and then sixteen… ya gotta know that’s just wrong. (I won’t quibble on the odds, but overall, that form of doubling was not outside the realm of possibility.)

“And to perform that action hundreds and hundreds of times? That’s called ‘exploitation,’ and that’s against the User Agreement, the Rules of Conduct, and all that is holy.”

Amen. In GW2’s economy at least, greed is not good. Two weeks ago, ArenaNet demolished 34,000 botting accounts. 34,000! Imagine them all falling over at once.

How’s the economy looking from the ground? As far as I can tell, ArenaNet’s diligence has prevented GW2 from joining PC gaming’s varied list of Weimar Germanys.

Thanks, VG247.