Guild Wars 2 soundtrack available in a four disc set


Jeremy Soule has become one of the most revered composers that videogames has, scoring the likes of Skyrim, Icewind Dale and Total Annihilation. He composed the first Guild Wars, and now he’s back to do the same for the sequel. The whole suite of music across the entire game comes on four separate CDs, and it’s available to purchase now, although it’ll take a month for it to get to you. Which, concidentally is about as long as we have to wait for the game itself to come out. Funny, that.
VG247’s Jack Russel Terrier, head stuck deep in the current affairs gramaphone, spotted the news, and the music itself is available through Soule’s own company, Directsong, which champions DRM free music in all its forms. I love DRM Free. 

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