Guild Wars 2 starts laying out the presents for Wintersday

GW2 Wintersday

If your personal highlight of last year’s Guild Wars 2 calendar was the present-packed Wintersday festival, then start getting your best festive armour out the wardrobe. Wintersday is back for 2014, and with it comes Toymaker Tixx and his flying workshop of wonders!

The Wintersday festival starts right now and runs for the next six weeks, spreading joy to every Asura, Charr, and Human in every inch of Tyria. Like last year, Toymaker Tixx will appear over Lion’s Arch to supply gifts to everyone. Of course along with Tixx’s airship comes snowy jumping puzzles, snowball pelting minigames, new Christmas-themed quests, and a great set of Holiday inspired loot packages. It’s Guild Wars 2’s more gentle side, but no less enjoyable because of it.

Available from Tixx this year are Mini Ventari, Mini Plush Griffon, Mini Princess Doll, Mini Toy Golen, or Mini Toy Soldier gifts. Elsewhere, Craft Ascended Armour will now be on offer for Armorsmiths, Leatherworkers, and Tailors who can work their way to the new skill cap of level 500. New healing skills are also on offer to help ease the pain – do remember that snowballs can burn the most sensitive of ears! December 10 also ushers in a new balance update, the details of which can be perused here.