Guild Wars 2 teases the Flame and Frost: The Razing


The Flame and Frost: The Razing is the third installment to the four part series, due out on March 26th. Things are heating up as the Flame Legion have formed an alliance with the dredge, creating a powerful force to be reckoned with. They are slowly and systematically taking out each settlement, massacring all in their path. 

There is still hope however; find out more after the break.

Announcing the details on the official site, ArenaNet set the tone for the unfolding events:

“A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. A Molten Alliance between the dredge and the charr Flame Legion has created a force powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One settlement, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun.”

It looks like the citizens of Tyria are doomed. If only there were an unlikely duo of heroes, maybe a giant man and a fluffy cat, who fight the good fight, because they’re the kind of heroes thatTyria deserves.

“In Flame and Frost: The Razing you’ll meet the norn Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians who fervently believe in doing what’s right, no matter the risk. Join Braham and Rox in a desperate battle to defend their homelands from annihilation in the third installment in this four-part series!”

Well isn’t thatconvenient. Sidekick upwithBraham and Rox on March 26th.