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Guild Wars 2 Tequatl Rising update live today, makes Looking for Groups as easy as it ought to be


Guild Wars 2’s eminently unpronounceable Chipotle Rising update lands today, just like a dragon might, in Tyria. There’s a dragon in it, see. He’s doing the rising, and the consequence of that is that the Splintered Coast’s in a bit of bother. As usual, muggins (you) and all their mates (your mates) will be drafted in to sort things out, so you’d better wrap up what you’re doing and head over there.

Oh, and yeah: there’s a proper Looking for Group tool in-game now.

ArenaNet have written a poem for the occasion, and it goes like this:

It has been gathering power in the depths.

It is faster, stronger, deadlier.

It has returned to devour and destroy.

It is called Tequatl the Sunless… and it has evolved.

They’ve neglected to add a couplet about Looking for Group, so I’ll elaborate. In the new LFG system, you’ll choose the quest type you’re after, affix it with a custom description about what kind of group it is you’re looking for, and then wait for the offers to come streaming in.

It’s designed to be used by both individual players and small groups looking to fill out their numbers before heading into an intimidating dungeon.

Read more about Tequatl in the bottomless PCGamesN old news archive. TL;DR: he’s a right rotten sod. Probably a great excuse to test out the new LFG tool, actually. Do you plan to take him on this evening? Or perhaps at the weekend?