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How Surfeuze got to Guild Wars 2’s level cap in 32 hours


There’s always those slightly insane players who forgo sleep, proper meals, and social contact for a prolonged amount of time to achieve something great. In a way, they’re like athletes, getting up at ungodly times in the morning to play the games they love in ways that would make those of us who only go jogging once a week balk at. Surfeuze has reached Guild Wars 2’s level cap in just 32 hours, and here’s how they did it, in their own words.

First of all, can you explain how you managed to get to level 80 so quickly? You’ve stated that you got to level 60 just by doing PvE content; was that alone or with friends/guild?
We prepared a party of 4 players, 2 Elementalist, 1 Guardian and a Mesmer to rush through the PvE content of Guild wars 2 as fast as possible. After reaching level 60, I started crafting with all the materials found by the party and our guild.
How many crafting materials did it require to grind from 60-80? Has all that grinding let you make anything incredible?
For a single player it’s a lot of materials, but for a guild of around 40 players, we only used around 25% of all the materials found.
Keep in mind that you can get a lot of materials by disenchanting stuff and collecting in the game world while playing normally.
I have a tips for PC Games N readers, have a look at our short guide to gain 2 levels really quickly and almost no money/materials required.
Did you stay up since the beginning of the headstart? Did you get any sleep at all?
Yes we went to sleep only after I reached 80. I had a quick 4 hours nap during a maintenance that’s about it.
Do you think it was worth it? Is there still parts of Guild Wars 2 that you haven’t seen? Are you going to take a break?
Well my guild is pretty hardcore, we were thinking of this achievement for a few weeks but had no idea we would be the one doing it.
I am not going to take a break because we are PvP players so it’s only preparation to have more fun in the WvW.
Right now we are playing in WvW. 🙂
How much preparation did War Legend make to achieve the first max level character in the game? How long has this been planned?
We had a few weeks of preparation, mostly beta and stress tests. Trying all the crafts and making a list of the various zones we should choose to level in. In the end some choices were better than some others but it globally all went fine.
What do you think of Guild Wars 2, after blitzing through so much of it?
We really enjoy Guild Wars 2, a really good PvP game, either in WvW and SPvP (5v5). It’s been a really long time we have been waiting for a game like this.
Also the community and the dev team are awesome, I really think a new standard is getting set by them right now in terms of quality and fun. Great job ArenaNet.

Thanks for your time.