How to unlock the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monument rewards


ArenaNet have detailed how players can earn bonus items, titles and mini-pets for Guild Wars 2 by playing Guild Wars 1. Meanwhile, to help you along, they’ve just re-released Guild Wars 1 as “Platinum Edition” to give you everything you need to get started.

I have thirty out of the fifty total points available up for grabs, but I have been playing since just after launch. This ensures that I get all the bonus items, which you get for every point you earn up to thirty. Beyond this point you earn a prestigious title every five points, and to me this isn’t worth the work or time it takes to attain. Even getting to thirty points before Guild Wars 2 is released is a tough task.

However the rewards from the Hall of Monuments can be claimed even after Guild Wars 2 is released, so it’s not necessary to rush it. I would also recommend checking out this equally handy guide if you ever do plan to complete these heroic deeds.

The Guild Wars 2 release date is set for the 28/8/2012. The Guild Wars 2 headstart period for pre-purchasers begins 25/8/2012.