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Last night’s Guild Wars 2 Stress Test brought changes to the Engineer


While the stress test last night was just that, and didn’t have any great big event to give the Beta one last hurrah, there were some tidbits of information that slipped through the cracks, and demonstrate how ArenaNet are still very much messing around with Guild Wars 2 right up to release. The biggest changes are to the Engineer, giving him a new set of Turret-centric abilities.

Each new skill takes the place of where ‘Destroy Turret’ sits at the moment, a dead slot when you don’t have a turret up and active. They were spotted over on Guild Wars Guru, where they’re talked about in full detail, but the gist is that each one gets a ‘quick fire’ ability that you can throw out in a hurry when you don’t have your turret up. Rocket Turret, perhaps unsurprisingly, fires off a Rocket that explodes on impact in a small AoE. Rifle Turret shoots a bullet out from your toolbelt, whereas Net Turret shoots out a net. I think you might get the idea.
It turns the Engineer into a sort of bodged Batman, blasting out all sorts of odd gubbins whenever anyone starts to threaten them. There’s also a bunch of Racial toolbelt abilities, especially for Asura, where they’ve got ‘Vent Radiation’ for the Radiation Field, ‘Pain Transference’ for Pain Inverter, and ‘Confusing Speech’ from Technobabble. Humans and Sylvari also get some stuff, but it’s not nearly as exciting.
There’s still three weeks until the game starts, so there’s still a fairly good chance we might see those oft alluded to changes to the Ranger pets, to make them not quite so stupid and frustrating. Either way, it’s not long now.