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Last night’s Guild Wars 2 stress test was likely the release build


Like conspirators in an oppressive regime, ArenaNet sent out a call last night, and they left it as late as possible, desperate not to let too much slip, desperate not to have too much make it out into the wider world. Preemptive damage control. There was to be one last stress test before the Headstart on Saturday. Just an hour, and only fifteen minutes for everyone to prepare before the servers went live.

Turns out, there was a very good reason it was so secretive. Last night’s build could very well be the final build of the game, with all zones unlocked, including secret, awesome high end areas like Ebonhawk and Frostgorge Sound. Some intrepid Redditors braved the wilds with their fresh heroes, still drying from the gloop of the Character Creator, and headed to the high level areas.

They brought back a screenshot or two. Unsurprisingly, the grand areas of Ebonhawk are slightly more interesting than the frozen wastes of Frostgorge Sound. But still. They exist. They’re out there, and that means that the headstart is so so close.
Here’s why you should be excited.