We’ve got 500 Guild Wars 2 beta codes and we want you to have them


That’s it guys – sorry – we’re out of keys. Thanks to everyone. If you haven’t received one so far, don’t worry – we’re working through them manually and will get them out to you as soon as possible.

Guild Wars 2’s third and final beta weekend is on the horizon and we’ve got 500 beta keys to give away to our brilliant community.

We think this is going to be extremely popular and oversubscribed, so we want to try and manage the process a bit.

We’ll be giving away the keys to thosewho like ourFacebook page. If you’ve already liked us on Facebook, please respond the post saying you want a key. Our BEST MAN will deliver a key directly to your account.

If you haven’t already liked our facebook page; do so. Everyone who likes us will get a key, until we run out.Please note that we’ll be delivering the keys via messages – your privacy settings may block us sending you a key.

On the weekend beginning 20th of July, the new Asura and Sylvari races will be available to play. If you choose Asura, you’ll start your journey in the lush Jungles of the Metrica Province. Near the asuran capital, Rata Sum, the jungles are host to what ArenaNet describe as “high-tech laboratories, quirky golems and competing krewes of mad scientists.”

If you choose the plant-humanoid Sylvari, the adventure begins in the city of the Grove, home to the Pale Tree – the “mother” of all the Sylvari race. Driven by a “collective Dream”, they are described as “… an enigmatic race of chivalrous explorers who are driven by an insatiable curiosity…”

ArenaNet are also introducing Vistas to the game; Interactive scrolls surrounded by a column of light which when activated, trigger a cinematic that pans across the surrounding scenery, showing off the design.

Once your code has been delivered, you’ll need to register the code on the Guild Wars site. Once on the registration page, pop your code into the box and click ‘yes’ if you already have an account. If you don’t, click ‘no’ follow the instructions to get you started.

We’ll see you in the game. We’ll provide server details for where we can gather closer to the beta event.