Transform your system into a Gundam with these gaming PC cases

The 'Battleship X', 'X3 GD', and 'X3 Zaku' gaming PC cases from Xigmatek are sure to tickle the fancy of any Gundam fan or those seeking a striking chassis

While our heads will tell us that the best PC case is one that provides features that’ll help get the most out of our components, it’s hard to ignore the heart’s desire for a cool looking chassis. With that in mind, I can’t be alone in wanting to transform my gaming rig into a Gundam after seeing these examples from Xigmatek.

Of the three Gundam inspired PC cases, the ‘Battleship X’ is undeniably the most striking. It’s modelled after the iconic RX-78-2, bearing the mecha’s colour scheme and featuring the suit’s likeness as engraved artwork on its tempered glass side panels.

Despite its irregular shape, the Battleship X supports up to standard ATX motherboard designs, with room leftover for 200mm power supplies and up to a 240mm radiator. Naturally, it also has built-in ARGB strips that run down across its sides and front panel.

For those who prefer smaller systems, the ‘X3 GD’ and ‘X3 Zaku’ may strike your fancy. Neither are quite as bold as the Battleship X, but they do feature more prominent artwork, and we’re particularly taken with the chibi mechas on their front panels.

Most of the stock for these PC cases appears to be in Eastern markets, so you’ll need to find a retailer willing to export them if your heart is set on having one of these Gundam chassis.