Free games: Win a Steam key for steampunk airship battler Guns of Icarus Alliance!

Guns of Icarus Alliance

Imagine how much it’d cost you to command a steampunk airship in the real world. Loads, probably. But we’re giving you the opportunity to do that for free, as many times as you like, with a team of fellow airheads in Guns of Icarus Alliance.

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The airships in Guns of Icarus Alliance are better than sea ships in a couple of demonstrable ways. Firstly, they take on some of the aesthetic trappings of naval vessels despite never getting near the ocean, which suggests a level of indulgence among steampunk shipwrights that’s quite charming. And secondly, they turn battles into three-dimensional affairs – enemies can appear from above or below, sending you scuttling across the deck to man the right gun to counter them.

Oh yes: in Guns of Icarus, you control not the ships themselves but a member of their crew, working alongside other players in the guise of pilots, gunners, and engineers to bring down your opponents as a single, well-oiled machine. Although perhaps that’s an insensitive analogy – Guns of Icarus’ world was ravaged by machines. Its story is still ongoing, too, written continuously in response to the outcome of real in-game battles.

Alliance is the definitive edition of the game, bringing PvE to its skies for the first time. Remarkably, the AI learns dynamically, adapting its tactics based on its defeats. If only I learned something every time I had my hull handed to me in an online scrap.

If that premise has got you punks steaming, you’ll want to complete one of the actions in the widget below to grab a Steam key. But be quick about it! There are only 25 copies waiting to be won. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

Guns of Icarus Alliance giveaway

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