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Gwent's original designer leaves CD Projekt Red, “both parties agreed to part ways”

"What's your next move, Damien?"

Damien Monnier, the creator of Gwent and lead designer on its forthcoming standalone version, has left CD Projekt Red.

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The news comes via Monnier’s Twitter account, which said the following earlier today:

The timing is a little odd, with Gwent’s standalone game still in development and currently in closed beta on PC. You can still sign up, if you like. If you've done so and haven't received an invite, don't panic, as CDPR say they're sending them out in waves.

Eurogamer followed up, asking what Monnier was planning to do next and why he was leaving.

To the first question, he replied: “I have no idea yet but it has to be an exciting project and a cool company - we’ll see!” To the second, he directed the question to CD Projekt Red, who said “both parties agreed to part ways. Suffice to say, Damien has a lot of friends and people who will definitely miss him here in the studio”.

Monnier will no doubt be a great loss to the studio, as he was not only one of the two original creators of Gwent, but was also credited as a senior gameplay designer for The Witcher 3, and will have had input elsewhere. 

Despite this, CD Projekt Red were keen to reassure Gwent fans who were anxious about the game’s development. “It’s worth remembering that this game is being developed by a team that is more than a few dozen strong, with quite a lot of designers on board. We have a precise roadmap for Gwent and that has not changed at all.”

Gwent doesn’t yet have a release date, but the confident expectation is that it’ll be out next year. It will be free-to-play with microtransactions.

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WhiteCrow avatarEsivo avatarAever avatar
WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

This is pretty odd. I wonder what happened. It could be that since primary development is finished on the game he's moving on, but maybe not. More than likely it involves money, as most things do when something like this occurs.

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

Moves like this usually aren't about money, more like he has better projects somewhere else or the parties didn't agree on future projects. It could be money, but I doubt it.

Esivo Avatar
1 Year ago

I hope they didn't make him. Beta is great so far and the game is pretty amazing. Most probably gonna be a hit.