Gwent hotfix resolves incorrect milling value issue


A bevy of changes have come to Gwent with the latest hotfix for the game. The team rolled it out to resolve some “major issues” as well as introduce new alterations to gameplay. 

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Previously, mill values were all jumbled up from the last update, meaning when players milled (or destroyed) cards they already owned, they weren’t seeing the proper return of Scraps, which is part of the way you can unlock additional cards outside of buying Card Kegs. Obviously this was a frustrating move for hardcore players, who are now likely quite happy that a hotfix has been released that fixes the issue.

The fix includes awarding more value for cards you mill for three days following the hot fix’s release, so this should be a welcome resolution for players upset with the changes. You can check out the full list of changes the hotfix brings with it at the official Gwent forums.