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Gym League codes June 2024

All the new Gym League codes to help you with your training regime, get buff muscles quickly, and outrank the rest of the competition.

Gym League codes: a very buff man is holding a weight that's really heavy, with two dejected rivals crouching either side of him.

July 15, 2024: We’ve added three new Gym League codes and marked four previously working codes as expired.

What are the new Gym League codes? If you want to get buff to unlock new bodies and gyms where you can show off your impeccable physique, chances are you’re looking for a shortcut or two to get ahead of the competition. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. What, steroids? Of course not! That’s scandalous. No, no, we’re talking about free codes here.

If you’re just starting this Roblox experience, we have plenty of Gym League codes to supplement your training regime, providing you with access to potions, cash, and other power-ups. If you want to shape up in other similar games, we have Arm Wrestle Simulator codes and Strongman Simulator codes, while Roller Skate Simulator codes can help if you prefer racing on wheeled shoes.

New Gym League codes

Here are all the new Gym League codes:

  • PirateBugFux – Power-ups (NEW)
  • FruitPirate – Two Toning Fruits (NEW)
  • DivineMuscles – One Divine Fruit (NEW)
  • 20MVisits – protein shake
  • SORRY – three Mega potions
  • 1MVisits – three Protein Bars, three Steaks, and three Chicken Wings
  • 10KLikes – five aura and pose rerolls

Expired codes

  • 150KLike
  • 100KActive
  • 5KLikes
  • Release

In addition to the Gym League codes, you can get free items by clicking the Daily Rewards button on the top right of the screen and then clicking the Claim button to get the free item.

The Gym League codes redeem screen.

How to redeem Gym League codes

To redeem any active Gym League codes, you need to:

  • Open Gym League from the official Roblox page.
  • Click the small Codes button underneath the Gym button on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter your code and click redeem for your free stuff.

If the code works, you’ll get a green message saying that it was successfully redeemed. If you get a red error message instead, the code is either already redeemed, expired, or invalid.

How to get more Gym League codes

The simplest way to get more Gym League codes is to stick with us as your personal trainer. While you’re off doing bench presses, squats, and lifting weights, we’ll be looking for new codes to update this guide with. Who knows, a treat may be waiting for you when you’ve finished your next workout session.

That said, if you’ve had enough exercise for one day and wish to look for them yourself, you can check the official Gym League Roblox page for links to the developer’s X account (formerly Twitter) and entry to the exclusive Discord server. The codes on both accounts are fairly regular and will differ, so check both the X feed and the Discord announcements channel.

When is the next Gym League update?

You can look at Gym League upcoming poses for bodybuilding competitions in the sneak peek channel on the Discord server, but the next update hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Those are all the Gym League codes you can redeem right now, but if you want stylish clothes that work with all Roblox games, you can head over to our Roblox promo codes. If you have a radio, our Roblox music codes guide has the best music you can tune into for your workout.