Habitat Steam Early Access update piles on the space junk

Habitat v0.5 Steam Early Access update

The release of Habitat v0.5 on Steam Early Access means one thing: piles and piles of space junk. It’s just floating there, so it might as well be put to good use. It’s an unusual game, is Habitat; a PC version of Gravity, directed by Charlie Chaplin

There’s more than just junk in the new version, though. 

Habitat v0.5 throws a bunch of new space cities into the mix, and all of them can be traded with for new items and weapons. New missions have popped into existence, too, so there are more ways to get your mitts on lots of lovely new stuff.

People! They’re in Habitat too, now. The citizens of your habitats are a resource that can be spent on producing engineers. Without these hard working folk, there would be not habitats.

Controlling said habitats is a bit more hands on in v0.5. There’s micromanagement to be done. Energy distribution can be fiddled around with, so more power can be funneled into weapons, boosters or production.

Habitat v0.5 is live now.