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Hackers access DayZ servers; user data secure, but source code worries remain


In the last couple of days, Bohemia Interactive “detected an attack” on some of their DayZ servers. Though the developers are still investigating the “precise nature and scope” of the security breach, the timing matches a claim by hackers that they’d managed to steal DayZ’s source code.

“Current development goals and schedules for our games will not be affected by this attack,” said Bohemia.

A user on game hacking forum Unknown Cheats posted screengrabs of alleged source code files for DayZ 0.28 – a version of the game dating back to Christmas.

That user has since reportedly released a PDB tool into the wild, allowing hackers to read a sizeable chunk of the game’s source code. The worry is that the file will enable a new wave of hacks and exploits for the standalone Steam Early Access game.

Bohemia are yet to comment on where their source code may or may not have got to, but told RelyOnHorror that there was “no user data” on any of the servers attacked.

The Czech developers have promised more information as their investigation into the extent of the damage continues. Are you worried? DayZ Mod had turned into a veritable hackfest by the end, hadn’t it?

Cheers, VG247.