HackyZack is a fast-paced puzzle platformer-published by Humble Bundle


If you’re into cutesy sprites, speedy platforming, and lovely charities, HackyZack might be just for you. 

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HackyZack is the first game published by Humble Bundle in their new publishing initiative.

The game is pegged as an extreme sports version of hacky sack, where you have to keep a ball in the air while also navigating shifting levels.

“We are absolutely pumped for the launch of our first Humble Bundle published title,” says publishing lead John Polson. “Spaceboy Games’ HackyZack features unique and death-defying PPS (precision-puzzle-stunt) mechanics that make our palms sweat and tempers rage across its 100+ punishing levels.”

You can check out the new trailer above.

HackyZack goes live on March 28 at 9am PDT. Check it out on Humble Bundle and Steam.

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