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New Hades 2 patch clears the way for the roguelike’s next big update

The third patch is here for Hades 2 and it’s full of boon and blessing changes, along with a hint at what the team is working on next.

New Hades 2 patch clears the way for the roguelike’s next big update: Zeus from Hades 2 looks on with a stern expression.

One of the joys of the Steam Early Access program is seeing game development happen in almost real time. Some games have a long road ahead of them, others emerge almost fully-formed, but either way the to-and-fro between developer and community creates an incredibly exciting opportunity. Hades 2 is a game that arrived in a very solid condition, but is no less taking on board community feedback as it barrels towards its launch. Today’s patch shows that, with plenty of fan ideas hitting the game.

The main focus of this Hades 2 update is Olympian Boons, with one big change aimed at making sure duo and legendary boons are offered more than before. In addition to that core change, tons of boons have been altered, with the idea being to enhance the roguelike game’s combat. Pretty much every boon and blessing change is either a buff or a new effect entirely, meaning it’s going to be an interesting time for Hades 2 players as the meta settles down in the wake of this update.

The game’s UI has also seen some changes, with new icons for various boons, blessings, enchantments, curses, and more. The community’s feedback has been pivotal here, with the past deeds screen, victory screen, and fated list prophecies all being clarified or altered thanks to ideas from players. This juggernaut patch also includes weapon changes, cauldron incantations, and much – much more.

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As well as everything included in this patch, developer Supergiant Games has given a clue about what it’s working on next. In the introduction to the update notes, the developer states that after this patch its next priority will be the first major update for the game, which will arrive later this year.

Presumably this means that this third patch may be the last one we see – of this size – for Hades 2 for a while. It doesn’t mean the developer is going to be missing in action, however, as it promises to continue listening to feedback and taking notes from what players are saying. That said, it looks like Hades 2 may go quiet for a little while, at least until an even bigger update arrives later in 2024.

You can head over to the Steam announcement to read the full patch notes in their entirety, and read our Hades 2 review to see what we think of the game.

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