Hades 2 gives us a sequel to the best roguelike game

Hades 2 has been announced by Supergiant Games, with the return to the Greek pantheon marking the developer’s first sequel following the best roguelike game

Hades 2

Supergiant Games has announced Hades 2, a sequel to the best roguelike game on PC that will see players take control of the Princess of the Underworld as they go up against Kronos, the Greek Titan of Time.

Rather than returning to Zagreus again, this game will see you controlling a new protagonist and wielding all-new weapons as you battle your way across the Underworld, backed once again by the gods of Olympus and mastering dark witchcraft and ancient magic. With even more gods and other mythical figures to meet, Hades 2 promises to be an even more compelling experience than the first game.

Watch the Hades 2 trailer below:

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Much like its predecessor, Hades 2 will launch in early access, and it’s available to wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games store.

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