Hades cross-save between PC and Switch is finally live

You can upload your Hades save on PC to your Nintendo Switch, which is mighty handy


There’s a new update out for roguelike RPG game Hades, but you can’t download it on PC. Instead, it’s an update for the Nintendo Switch version of the game that enables cross-save support. That’s right, now you can transfer your Hades save games back and forth between your PC and your Switch.

Supergiant Games developer Greg Kasavin posted the update to the Hades Discord server today, encouraging players to read the Help & Info section in the new Cross-Saves submenu on the Nintendo Switch version of the game before proceeding. When you’re ready, the process isn’t too arduous: you simply have to click the buttons in the Cross-Saves menu to connect either your Epic Games or Steam account to your Nintendo Switch copy of Hades, then pause and quit to upload your save data.

Once you fire Hades back up, you should be good to go with all the progress you’ve made on one platform showing up intact on the other. It’s obviously terrific news for anyone who owns copies of the game on both systems, and it’s a pretty decent reason to consider picking up the Switch edition if you’ve so far only played on PC.

Of course, you may want to check out our glowing Hades review if you’ve yet to toe the waters of one of this year’s best-loved games. It’s one of the best roguelike games out there right now, so it’s well worth checking out.