The first Epic Games store exclusive, Hades, hits Steam in December

Hades has two new release dates

The Epic Games store launched back in December with three exclusive games. One of those titles was Hades, Supergiant’s follow-up to wonderful games like Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, which has been in early access ever since. The studio originally announced the game would only come to other platforms once early access was complete, but it looks like the Steam version is coming a bit sooner than that.

Hades got its Steam page today, and it’ll launch on Valve’s platform – still in early access – on December 10. That’s almost exactly one year after the game’s initial launch on the Epic store, so it seems that’s the limit on the exclusivity agreement. Back in the original FAQ for Hades, the developers said it “will eventually be available on a variety of platforms, once Early Access is complete.”

The developers expect the 1.0 version of the game to launch “sometime in the second half of 2020.” It’ll hit Steam with the benefit of all the content already added to the Epic version, so both releases will have parity.

If you’ve missed Hades up to this point, it’s an isometric action game where you try to fight your way out of the Greek underworld. It’s built for replayability, as the levels reshuffle rogue-lite style every time you die, but there’s still a strong focus on narrative to carry you through.

Take this as your indication that yes, there is life after the Epic store. If you’ve been holding yourself back from excellent games like Hades, you’ll soon be out of reasons to do so.