You can try the next Hades patch in the new test branch now

Supergiant doesn't plan on adding more content to Hades, but there are still neat things to see in the test branch

Do you find yourself daydreaming about Hades a lot? As in, what might developers Supergiant Games have up their sleeves for the next patch – that kind of thing. Well, now you can find out – there’s a Hades test branch available now, and it has some upcoming enhancements to the lovely action RPG game ready for your perusal.

The Hades test branch is where Supergiant will stage its upcoming patches, and the version on there now includes two new decorative themes for Hades’ lobby, some new voice lines for several of the characters, and a bunch of bugfixes. Those fixes include stability enhancements, the mouse lock setting not working with multiple monitor setups, the Well Stocked achievement not popping, and one that made poor little Dusa get stuck when she tries to fly away.

Our hero Zagreus, as well as Charon and Minotaur, have new voice lines, and lines for Nyx and Dusa have been fixed so you hear the ones you’re supposed to hear now. A couple issues that were preventing story events and their associated voiceover lines from playing have also been repaired in the test version of Hades.

Hades, however, is a game about combat, and you’ll see quite a few tweaks to boon balancing if you try out the test branch. Most of the adjustments come in the form of buffs, although in a couple rare cases (like with Fiery Presence on the mirror), the overall effect is a nerf.

You can join the Supergiant Games Discord server to find out more about the test branch and about Hades in general. If you want to dive in on your own, that’s okay too. On Steam, right click on Hades in your library and select the betas tab. Type ‘HadesTestBranchAcess’ in the code field, and click Check Code. Then select testbranch- Test Branch from the drop-down menu. Update the game, and you’ll be ready to play the test branch.
If you own Hades on the Epic Games Store, all you have to do is locate Hades Test Branch in your library and click to install it.

Supergiant says that the Hades test branch doesn’t mean it plans on adding any major post-launch content to the game – you’ll just be able to preview coming fixes and updates to what’s there already.