Half Life 2 Warhammer 40k mod Exterminatus now totes turrets

Half Life 2 Exterminatus mod

The humble turret gets a short shrift. Many claim that it’s dogs that are man’s best friend but that’s patently ridiculous. Dogs don’t turn your enemies into a heap of bloody mulch if they trespass on your land. Sure, they might give the intruder a nip or two but the canine’s inability to operate a 50cal machine gun is obvious.

The poor oft overlooked turret’s been added to the Exterminatus mod, fleshing out the Warhammer 40k for Half-Life 2 by providing the emperor’s chosen with man’s true companion.

There’s more than simply the Tarantula turret in the new 7.61 update. The crosshair now lights up when it’s over a target… Ok, maybe the turret is the only thing of note in the new release. Unless statues of Tarsis Ultra do it for you? No. No I didn’t think so.

Still, here’s that changelog nonetheless:

New Features in 7.61

  • Tarantula (automated turret) to defend the marine objectives.

  • Added a new map entity type ex_turret_point to the FGD for placing and facing turrets. Objectives will spawn a turret at the nearest ex_turret_point when marines capture it.

  • Dynamic marine crosshair. Rather than pulsing all the time, the new, sharper crosshair only “lights up” when it’s over a target.

  • Only showing the target objective on the HUD. You can use the console variable ex_show_obj to change this. 0 = No Objectives, 1 = All Objectives, 2 = Just the target objective.

  • Added the players exact health and map loading screen to the Tactical Overview.

  • Now showing your bound USE key when aiming at an ammo shrine.

  • New statue prop in the 40k style used on Tarsis Ultra.

There’s a short video of the turret in action, too:

And, if you’re feeling that you lack your own turret – understandable – then here’s a guide on how to build your own:

You can download the Exterminatus update on ModDB.