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Half-Life 2 sequel launches on Steam, but it’s not by Valve

A sequel to Half-Life 2 has launched on Steam, adding a new campaign and voice cast to Valve’s sci-fi FPS, and bridging the gap between Portal and Half-Life 3

Half-Life 2 sequel launches on Steam. A Combine soldier and Portal robot point at a storm

A Half-Life 2 sequel has released on Steam, bringing a new, seven-chapter campaign and full voice cast to the world of Valve’s definitive sci-fi FPS, and bridging some of the story gaps between the 2004 original and the long-awaited Half-Life 3.

Entropy: Zero 2 is, strictly speaking, a Half-Life 2 mod, but to describe it in those terms would be reductive. In actuality, this is a complete, top-to-bottom new Half-Life single-player game, focusing on a squad of Combine soldiers as they storm the futuristic prison Nova Prospekt, and attempt to capture Gordon Freeman’s one-time ally Dr. Judith Mossman.

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Fully voice-acted and featuring a variety of new mechanics, including improved enemy AI, new weapons, new enemies, and the ability to command your squad, Entropy: Zero 2 also features a complete narrative based on the events of Half-Life 2, Portal, and the possible story for Half-Life 3, as you attack an icy rebel base similar to the one teased by images of the abandoned research ship Borealis. It also serves as a sequel to the original Entropy: Zero released back in 2017, which centres on the exploits of a rogueish Combine officer simply known as “Bad Cop”.

Available for free on Steam, Entropy: Zero 2 is further proof that the Half-Life community is alive and well, and that the demand for Half-Life 3 remains as high as ever. Earlier this month, players of the original game set a new record for Steam concurrent users, and there was recently launched a fully-acted prequel for the 1998 Half-Life, where you play as Gordon Freeman during a day in the life at the Black Mesa lab.

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