Half-Life 2 has a whole new spin-off campaign thanks to massive mod

Half-Life 2, the superlative Valve FPS game, has a whole new campaign based around Entropy Zero and Civil Protection, ideal distraction as we await Half-Life 3.

Half-Life 2 has a whole-new spin-off campaign thanks to massive mod: A scientist with glasses and futuristic armour, Gordon Freeman from the Valve FPS game Half-Life 2

If Valve isn’t going to do Half-Life 3 (although we still believe; we’ll always believe) it’s over to fans of the stalwart Steam FPS game to keep the world and the story of Gordon Freeman going, and deliver a series of unofficial Half-Life 2 sequels. In 2022, we had Entropy Zero, an extremely professionally made and expansive mod which served as a spin-off to Valve’s original 2004 opus. Now comes the follow up, an entirely new Half-Life 2 campaign that casts you as a Civil Protection officer during HL2’s climactic revolt.

Entropy Zero Uprising is, strictly speaking, a mod for Half-Life 2 Episode Two, but it primarily builds on the story of Entropy Zero, making it, in a sense, a mod for a mod. Fully voice-acted and featuring several purpose-built campaign levels, it puts you in the boots of a Civil Protection soldier fighting against the human rebels during the closing missions of the original Half-Life 2 story.

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There are new weapons, driving sections, custom-built maps, and even a whole new soundtrack. Remember Blue Shift and Opposing Force for the original Half-Life? Between them, Entropy Zero and Entropy Zero Uprising serve a similar role, providing additional, DLC-sized campaigns which retell the original story from a different perspective.

And this is only the beginning. Further episodes in the Entropy Zero Uprising series are apparently in the works, so even if we’re left wondering whatever happened to Half-Life 3, Half-Life modders have got us covered. You can get Entropy Zero Uprising right here. You’ll also need a Steam-bought copy of Half-Life 2 Episode Two and the original Entropy Zero mod.

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