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Half-Life 3 to be revealed at Gamescom? Errr… [UPDATE ANSWER: No, it isn’t.]


UPDATE: And, as expected, it’s looking more and more improbable that Valve are going to be announcing anything game related at Gamescom. The organisers of the convention themselves have called the listing a mistake, along with the Dragon Age 3 mention, and Valve’s Doug Lombardi, VP of Marketing, has told Lambdageneration that ‘We will have the Steam team there to meet with developers and publishers. No game showing planned.” And while some die-hard optimists might take that to mean that we might have a spontaneous, unplanned announcement, I think it’s safe to say we can put all of our celebratory headcrab hats back in their boxes.
This is an unlikely rumour. Half-Life 3 has appeared in an official PDF listing products to be shown at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, which would suggest that the sequel is about to revealed in a matter of days. You can look at the PDF yourself if you like. It’s a couple of words on a page, nothing more. Also on the list is Dragon Age 3 from EA, though curiously, the freshly revealed Remember Me from Capcom is not. And if that new IP could side-step this list, it seems beyond unlikely that, were this to be genuine, Half-Life 3 wouldn’t be more discreet. A clerical error then? It doesn’t look like the most reliable of documents. Thanks, T3.