Fan-made comic Half-Life: A Place in the West chapter 2 is now on Steam

Half-Life: A Place in the West

The second part of Half-Life: A Place in the West is now live on Steam, and you can pick it up for $1.99. 

It might make up for the fact Half-Life 3 still isn’t in our list of upcoming PC games

“Now within the walls of the mysterious human enclave of New Franklin, Leyla Poirier and Albert Kempinski encounter the city’s sinister military leader, Major-General Long,” says the official blurb. “Together, they construct a precarious lie in order to remain within the city and continue their investigation into the kidnapped children…

“Meanwhile, the vortigaunt Dreyfus meets two uncertain allies on the outskirts of the city, and becomes embroiled in a dangerous territory dispute that threatens to unravel New Franklin’s tenuous alliances.”

It’s full of new characters, but stays true to the Half-Life mythos and runs for a total of 50 pages. The art looks super nice, too. Grab it on Steam.