Half-Life: Alyx level editor is Valve’s main “focus” now

Valve says its focus has shifted to the Half-Life: Alyx level editor. Just make Half-Life 3 yourself, then...

Half-Life: Alyx Index

Half-Life: Alyx‘s level editor, which was assumed to be launching simultaneously with the main game on March 23, is now “the team’s focus”, according to one of the developers behind it.

The developer in question is designer Jake Brodkin, who also apologises for the lack of clarity over the issue after a fan complained of Valve’s radio silence. “[The level editor]’s the team’s focus now that the game’s out,” Brodkin replied to the fan on ResetEra (via Valve News Network). “There will be more info soon but we’re working on it. Sorry I don’t have a date beyond that but I’m sure there will be more communication soon. Most of last week was spent on post-launch patching and tech support.”

Even without a dedicated level editor, modders are already at work bringing new content to the game. Many have been focused on de-VRing the virtual reality title. In fact, Valve anticipated players would do this – but is confident the game is best played with a proper headset over your eyes. The game even shipped with a non-VR version included, but it was just intended for developers and Valve has now patched it out of the live game.

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The game casts you as the titular hero and is set between the events of Half-Life 1 and 2. It’s a full-length title and can be played using any Steam VR-compatible headset – though it’s free if you’ve purchased Valve Index hardware. For more on what Valve might get up to now Alyx has shipped, check out everything we know about Half-Life 3. Yes, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but we can dream, right?