Dota 2 is getting review-bombed because people think it "killed” Half-Life 3 | PCGamesN

Dota 2 is getting review-bombed because people think it "killed” Half-Life 3

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Dota 2 is getting review-bombed by angry Half-Life fans who believe Valve’s continued support of their MOBA comes at the expense of a third instalment of the beloved first-person shooter series.

The Half-Life games are on our list of the best shooters on PC.

Why? Well, yesterday we reported how Valve alumni Marc Laidlaw - a former Valve writer who worked on the Half-Life series before becoming the lead writer for Dota 2 - has written a "fanfic" (his words, not mine) blog that gives us an insight into what Episode 3 might have been.

Fans aren’t taking the news well, though, and Valve's getting the brunt of their ire. Comments from the negative reviewers on the Dota 2 Steam page added in the last day or so include: “This game is very good. But Half-Life is better,” “Negative review in memory of half life 3,” “Not only is this game a miserable bore, it killed Valve's creativity and eliminated any need to finish the Half-Life series. Thanks Gabe!”

Dota 2 players are hitting back, though. “Half life is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ move on idiots” retorts one "favourable" Dota 2 review. So that’s nice.  

For everything else we know about Half-Life 3, we have a dedicated article.

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TsunamiWombat avatarhfm avatarMandrake42 avatarNihlusGreen avatar
TsunamiWombat Avatar
10 Months ago

That's silly. Dota 2 didn't kill Valves creativity. Steam did, long, long before that.

Mandrake42 Avatar
9 Months ago

Are people insane? It isn't even the same team who worked on Half Life. On any of the Half Life games. Ever. Dota was originally made by a bunch of modders whose work Valve liked so much, they brought them into the fold. They have, and still remain, an autonomous entity within Valve, doing their own thing with Dota. The team that made Half Life is long gone. Valve has simply been more interested in making money being a store front than bothering with actual game development.

NihlusGreen Avatar
9 Months ago

They didn't say the same team, they said Marc Laidlaw worked on HL then Dota. It's mentioned in articles across many sites.

hfm Avatar
10 Months ago

Not that my opinion matters, but I am miffed that we're not likely going to see the conclusion to that story in a proper sequel. Valve's origin story of existence is built upon the back of Half-Life. To abandon that franchise before the story so many people were waiting to hear the end of is properly told seems cruel.

Hopefully this is all just the most massive troll operation of all time and they are working on it. I for one would like to see how the story ends in-game, not on paper.