Half-Life ray tracing is delayed but Quake ray tracing is finally here

Half-Life, the classic FPS from Valve, won’t have ray tracing just yet, but the classic shooter Quake from Bethesda and id Software has never looked better

Half-Life ray tracing is delayed but Quake ray tracing is finally here: A headcrab zombie from the Valve FPS Half-Life

Half-Life ray tracing may have to wait a little longer, as a stunning mod for the Valve FPS is being delayed, but by way of compensation, Quake, the beloved shooter from Bethesda and id Software, has a brand new ray tracing add-on which makes it look better than ever.

Created by modder Sultim, the Half-Life ray tracing mod has a new trailer, showing off the interiors of Black Mesa looking more alive, realistic, and organically lit than ever before. There’s one shot in particular, of a dead security guard lying in a pool of green, toxic goo, which summarises just how good the Valve FPS still looks – and will look – when given an extra ray tracing boost, as the surface of the goop reflects the dull fluorescent overheads onto the surrounding walls and surfaces.

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Unfortunately, though, Sultim shares this trailer to confirm that Half-Life ray tracing has been delayed for an indefinite time. Hopefully it won’t be too long, despite the ominous use of G-Man’s parting monologue to Gordon Freeman at the end of Half-Life 1, but while we wait, Sultim has something else for us.

Yes, ray tracing for the original Quake, not just Quake 2, is finally a reality, and my word does it look beautiful. The flame torches, glowing sigils, and explosions from your grenade launcher light up id Software’s corridors like never before, making Sultim’s mod almost feel like a complete visual remaster. You can get the mod here, which requires a legitimate copy of Quake on Steam.

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