Halo 15th anniversary stream teaser hints at news next week

Halo 5 PC

A teaser for the Halo 15th anniversary stream suggests Microsoft may have something to share with us on Tuesday when they run a day of reminiscing about the game series.

More classic PC games to reminisce about lie within.

Announced on 343 Industries’ Halo Waypoint site, the stream (at 3:43PT on Tuesday, November 15, natch) will celebrate the joint birthdays of both the first Halo game and the second, which was released 12 years ago on November 9.

“The studio is working on a number of cool things to help celebrate this huge milestone which also happens to coincide with the 15thanniversary of Xbox itself,” the studio’s community manager Brian ‘ske7ch’ Jarrard says in the announcement. “Mark your calendars now and please plan to join us throughout the day as we collectively celebrate and offer a huge thanks to our community for supporting Halo for 15 years!”

There’s a teaser for the stream, so you know something’s up, which also has a few familiar musical notes you may recognise.

Unrepentant fans of the series may know that piano cue at the end from one of the best (One Final Effort) and final track on the Halo 3 OST, Finish The Fight by Martin O’Donnell (look, Halo’s been around 15 years and I’m the exact age for that to neatly bookend my entire adolescence) so there’s a lot of excitement for some sort of Halo 3 remaster on the tubes.

Prepare to be disappointed or filled with nostalgia either way. There’ll also be a ton of info on how Halo Wars 2 is getting on as well as some Halo 5 chat about new map playlists.