Someone’s made a working Rubik’s Cube in Halo 5: Forge

Halo Rubik's Cube

The Flood and the Covenant aren’t really Master Chief’s biggest enemies in the galaxy. The real enemy is a big, multicolored cube that wants him to match all its sides up. The galaxy will have to go un-saved this time. 

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Halo Forge is the only way you can play Halo 5 on PC, jumping into custom games put together by the community. There’s a dedicated scene around the creation of maps and oddities using the in-depth creation suite. The Rubik’s Cube above might be among the best of them.

In it, you fly around a massive, functional Rubik’s Cube in a ship, shooting arrows on each column to rotate the cube’s layers.

If you want a new challenge, you can press a button to mix the cube up. If you want to pretend that you finished it and take a screen, another button resets it. If you’re a masochist, you can try solve it in multiplayer.

Have a look at Bradguy’s creation in the video above. It’s pretty great.

Cheers, GameSpot.