Halo 5: Forge PC needs Windows 10 Anniversary Edition to run

Halo 5

Halo 5’s PC arrival, in the form of the custom-game map-builder Halo 5: Forge, now has some system requirements so you can see how well your PC can run it.

If you need an upgrade after checking those specs, here are the best graphics cards to buy.

One of the stranger minimum specs across all levels of capability is that Windows 10’s somewhat controversial Anniversary Edition is required to play the game.

No Windows 7, or 8, or Vista (shudder) will do. Not even vanilla Win10 is enough for Halo, as the 1607 version or later is specifically labelled as the minimum required operating system to run Forge.

The Anniversary Edition caused some minor problems in the past weeks as it auto-enabled Xbox’s GameDVR by default meaning any game running took a hefty fps hit as the screen recorder was turned on.

Other than that, it appears you’ll be able to get by on a GeForce 650 though if you want to target that magic 1080p at 60fps then a GTX 970 and i5-3570 at 3.4GHz is the rig. For 4K enthusiasts, a smooth 60fps is ensured by a 980 Ti and i7-4770K at 3.4GHz will make it work, so any GTX 1070/1080 early adopters will be laughing. So long as they’ve taken that Anniversary Edition plunge already, that is.

Halo 5: Forge will be out on September 8 and will allow 16-player custom map multiplayer, so expect hijinx.