Halo Infinite level select is “coming later” but the devs “don’t know exactly” when

The Halo Infinite mission replay option is coming, but 343 Industries doesn't know when.

Halo Infinite level select on Campaign is coming, promises devs

The Halo Infinite campaign was released last week to much acclaim, especially from ourselves, but one area of annoyance for players is that it’s currently impossible to replay any of the game’s missions. The good news is that a Halo Infinite level select and mission replay option is “coming later” – but it might not be for a while.

There are plenty of secrets hidden in the Halo Infinite campaign, such as plenty of collectibles – including audio logs that are important for fleshing out the game’s lore – and the series’ iconic mission-altering Skulls. However, collecting these items is a bit of a chore right now, as there is no option to replay missions in Halo Infinite – unlike every other Halo game previously. You can either get the collectibles first try or don’t get them at all.

It’ll be a relief for secret-hunting fans to learn that a level select option is being worked on at developer 343 Industries, as confirmed by Stevivor speaking with 343’s associate creative director Paul Crocker. “You cannot replay missions in Campaign at this point of time,” Crocker confirms, “it’s part of what is coming later.”

Crocker puts this down to the “challenging” nature of making an open-world game as opposed to Halo’s usually more linear campaign. The director adds that “it was the better option for us to make a better game and add that later”. They also listed co-op as a similar feature that the team had to cut out “to improve the quality of the game”.

Co-op almost certainly won’t appear in Halo Infinite before May 2022, but Crocker couldn’t confirm exactly when that or a mission replay option will be added. “Obviously, we haven’t announced a date,” the developer says. “The reason I‘m being a bit cagey is I honestly don’t know exactly, but people are working on that even now. It’s coming… is the only answer we can give.”

Halo Infinite is out now. However, if you’re having trouble with playing it on PC Game Pass you’re not the only one – here’s how to (hopefully) fix that issue.