Halo Infinite officially launches autumn 2021

Halo not-quite-infinitely delayed

Halo Infinite was originally scheduled to launch alongside the Xbox Series X in November, but was delayed to an uncertain date in 2021. Now, the developers have confirmed that the game will launch in autumn 2021. (Yes, it seems that Master Chief’s mo-cap actor was a little too optimistic about that spring 2021 release.)

“It’s my honor as creative director to help our team ship Halo Infinite in fall 2021”, 343’s Joseph Staten says in a new developer blog. Staten adds that “Halo Infinite in the fall of 2021 is just the beginning of the adventure”, in case you weren’t clear on the date or the fact that the game will continue to get post-launch support.

In today’s blog post, the developers also address the criticism leveled at the game’s visuals in its initial gameplay demo and, of course, there have been improvements, from lighting changes to more detailed materials. You can get a more detailed breakdown of what’s changed in the post itself, but the screenshots already show a much more vibrant version of Halo Infinite’s world.

Also, it seems our poor friend Craig was the result of a facial animation glitch, and is now “undergoing a significant makeover.”

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The Halo Infinite release date is still some time away, so here’s hoping Master Chief’s latest adventure measures up to expectations when it finally launches next year.