Halo Infinite gets Call of Duty Zombies makeover in new Forge map

Call of Duty Zombies comes to Halo Infinite Forge as one dedicated player has recreated the functioning game mode inside the FPS game's creation suite

Halo Infinite gets Call of Duty Zombies makeover in new Forge map: a spartan with a skull helmet

As the Halo Infinite Forge creations keep ramping up, one dedicated player has recreated Call of Duty Zombies in the FPS game, so while you wait for Treyarch’s next take on the round-based mode, you can revisit World at War Zombies with a bit of a twist. Not everything can be a Halo Infinite Forge map of Die Hard, but we can dream.

Developed by callmephilly, this Halo Infinite take on World at War’s Nacht der Untoten is the perfect alternative while we wait for more Zombies. Do keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so there’ll likely be improvements and changes to some of the systems in the near future.

That said, callmephilly has added a fully-functional points system, just like the Call of Duty spin-off game mode. You can buy doors, guns, ammo, and even the fabled mystery box. There’s even the same round-based system with damage scaling and more. Of course this won’t play exactly like Call of Duty, but the faithful recreation of Nacht der Untoten is impressive nonetheless.

You can see some in-progress images of the Halo Infinite Forge creation from the Reddit post below.

Nacht der Untoten (WaW Style) WIP! Includes point system, purchasable doors/guns/ammo, round system with damage scaling and more. My passion project and first Infinite forge map. Stay tuned! from halo

While you can play the map right now, callmephilly notes how they may have “pulled the trigger” too early on release, as they haven’t sorted out which game mode you should use when trying it out.

“I didn’t realise until after I published that Infection doesn’t officially exist in Halo Infinite so I’ll be scripting out the infection rules on the map and will fill in the rest with some sort of slayer variant. I guess I pulled the trigger too soon.”

Don’t worry though, the mode will be updated with a more in-depth description, telling you which mode you should select when you start playing. That said, you can still dive in and take a look right now.

If you want to give it a try at least, you can find the Halo Infinite Forge recreation of Call of Duty Zombies’ Nacht der Untoten via Halo Waypoint.

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