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Halo Infinite Forge will have easy file sharing at release

It looks like there will be a simple Halo Infinite Forge file share system when it finally gets a release date, including sharing maps, modes, and prefabs

A Spartan stands ready to use the Halo Infinite Forge file share system

Despite campaign co-op finally getting a flight test, we still know nothing about the Halo Infinite Forge release date – which is supposed to arrive not long after co-op. There are still questions about how maps will be delivered, but now it looks like Halo Infinite Forge will have a simple file share system.

While Halo 5 Forge is still the only way to play that game on PC, eight months after release Halo Infinite still doesn’t have the long-promised Forge map and mode creator. Nevertheless, like the co-op mode, it’s on its way, and we now have an idea of what it’ll look like within the FPS game itself.

As spotted by @BathrobeSpartan on Twitter, the new Forge will have a community file share system within Halo Infinite’s in-game community menu – with general recommended creations, popular user-made maps or modes, or even prefabs. If players (or 343 itself) create some cool new items or buildings, they can share them here, and other players can use them in their own maps.

It’s all rather neat and easy to explore, so it’s good to see that these creation options will soon be available within Halo Infinite. When that’ll be, however, is still sadly up in the air.

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Elsewhere in Halo Infinite news, there’s a prequel story coming in August and fans are a little upset that it’s a novel rather than DLC.