Halo Infinite Forge map builds Nakatomi Plaza for a Die Hard Christmas

A Halo Infinite Forge map called Faux Plaza recreates the famous Nakatomi Plaza high-rise building from Die Hard to give you a Christmas special in the FPS game

Halo Infinite Forge map - a blue Spartan patrols a recreation of the central lobby in the Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard (1988)

A new Halo Infinite Forge map gives you yet another reason to bring up the ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’ debate with a stunning recreation of the Nakatomi Plaza high-rise in the Microsoft and 343 Industries sci-fi FPS game. That’s right, you can now take on your pals in some high-octane Halo action across the famous halls where John McClane overcame Hans Gruber in the 1988 classic.

The Halo Infinite Forge map ‘Faux Plaza’ is created by Bearskopff, who says that this is the first Forge map they have built in Halo Infinite. It’s a rather spectacular effort, centred around the main plaza area where the hostages are held during the main segment of the film. The map offers a beautiful take on the fountain gardens, while service stairs allow easy access to the upstairs.

You can even get up into the elevator shaft and explore the vents, of course, in case you’ve ever wondered what a TV dinner feels like. Though perhaps Spartans are used to the enclosed spaces. Overall, it’s an incredible recreation that does a great job of capturing the look and dimensions from the movie – all that’s missing is the body of a Banished scrawled with the words, “Now I have a Needler. Ho, ho, ho.”

You can watch the trailer for ‘Faux Plaza’ below, which is followed by some comparison shots to demonstrate its recreations of iconic moments from the film along with some gameplay of the map in action.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Halo Infinite ‘Faux Plaza’ can be found over at Halo Waypoint (thanks to Rebs Gaming). Bearskopff has even created an additional mode designed to help you re-enact the heroics of everyone’s favourite NYPD hero and wannabe cowboy. Yippee ki-yay, Master Chiefers.

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