This Halo Infinite Forge Mario Kart creation is bananas

One fan made a Halo Infinite Forge Mario Kart creation that looks absolutely brilliant, showcasing just how creative you can get with the FPS game's new mode

Halo Infinite Forge Mario Kart: Mario with Master Chief's head drives a red kart on a floating track

One clever fan made a Halo Infinite Forge Mario Kart crossover, and it’s so brilliant, it almost makes the wait for the Halo Infinite Forge release date worthwhile. The fan, who goes by bissuetox on social media, posted a minute-long video clip showing their creation in action. They started with a race course set in a field that looks like it came straight out of Nintendo’s classic kart racer, albeit with Halo constructs instead of sentient mushrooms and a fire-breathing turtle.

The Warthog-kart drives along the course and then up a ramp, grabbing a Halo-fied power-up box along the way. It turns out the box contained a crate full of bananas, which bissuetox drops immediately, before showing off some of their track design and a fun little barrel roll they can make the Warthog do. 

Then it’s back around the course and over the bananas to do a very Mario Kart-style spinout after hitting the peels. It’s fantastic.

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We’ve seen snippets showing how much creative freedom 343 Industries will give us in Halo Infinite Forge mode, and this just drives home even more how expansive the mode seems. Will 343 ever make Halo Kart? Probably not! But you can. Or post-apocalypse Halo or any other kind of Halo you can imagine, whether it’s a serious effort at designing sci-fi levels or a lighthearted concept like this one that still pushes the imagination and game tools to their limits. 

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