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Halo Infinite Forge plans outlined amid 343 layoffs and rumours

The plan for Halo Infinite Forge has been reiterated by 343 Industries as the multiplayer FPS game suffers layoffs and is rumoured to be undergoing changes.

Halo Infinite Forge plans outlined amid 343 layoffs and rumours: a blue women stands looking up, with a glow all around her

Microsoft and 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite is in a tough spot right now. The multiplayer FPS game series is reportedly undergoing a colossal shift in focus as it moves to Unreal Engine, with changes at the studio and the direction of the series all seemingly underway. You’ll be glad to know however that Halo Infinite’s Forge will remain mostly untouched, as the mode’s lead developer has responded to player concerns.

After the mass layoffs at Xbox and Microsoft, 343 assured players that it was sticking with the Halo series, but it was unclear what the actual future would look like. Luckily, Halo Infinite Forge will seemingly be mostly untouched, with the pipeline remaining the same according to Michael ‘Forge Lord’ Shorr, the Forge lead designer at 343.

“The high level plan for Forge is still the same,” Shorr says in response to a player. “We’ll be adding new features and quality-of-life improvements, fixing bugs, and responding to player feedback. We’ve already talked about some of the upcoming Forge features (AI spawning, minigame mode, and editing dev maps).”

So, the multiplayer game’s creation tool, which was launched a year after Halo Infinite’s initial release, will seemingly continue on its predetermined path. If the Halo series is moving to Unreal Engine, it’s currently unclear what will happen to Forge, but it sounds like Xbox and Microsoft want it to continue improving it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Forge ends up becoming the lifeblood of Halo Infinite down the line.

Shorr’s statement might not be a total surprise, but it’s certainly welcome. A recent Halo Infinite survey asked players if they were “done” with the latest Halo entry, as Xbox Research was looking for feedback on the game. Whatever the outcome of that survey, I think Halo Infinite Forge has the longevity to support the series going forward, so long as 343 support it back.

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