Halo Infinite’s PC aiming problem may get 343 Industries fix

Halo Infinite, the sci-fi sequel to Bungie’s original FPS game series, has suffered from a severe aiming issue since launch, but 343 Industries may have a fix

Halo Infinite, the latest sequel in Bungie and Microsoft’s longstanding FPS game franchise, has frustrated PC players since its 2021 launch owing to a particular issue with weapons and aiming, but now developer 343 Industries, which also created Halo 5, The Master Chief Collection, and Halo 4, suggests that a fix may be coming following the Halo Infinite winter update.

Halo Infinite, on PC at least, does not feature a red aiming reticle. Often in shooters, when you hover your aim over an enemy, the on-screen crosshair will turn red to indicate, essentially, that if you shoot now, you have the chance of hitting something. Halo Infinite on PC has never included this feature, the idea being that it will help confound cheaters who use aimbots in the game’s online mode – if there is no indication as to whether a solid aim or “lock” has been established, that makes it more difficult for automated aiming and shooting cheats to know when to fire.

However, this also punishes honest players, who – especially when participating in long-range gunfights – might prefer the red reticle to help guide and improve their aim. With Halo Infinite now almost a year old, the absence of the red reticle remains a sticking point for fans – but developer 343 Industries may finally be offering a fix.

In a series of tweets discussing the game’s winter update, which is set to launch November 8, 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard mentions they have been playing a post-update build, and hints at changes to Halo Infinite’s aiming system. “Winter update will be a huge step forward but we’re far from done,” Jarrard says. “Today I had a chance to jump into an in-person playtest for the first time in a while. Played some post winter update builds and let me just say my PC reticule…was red. We’ve got good stuff cooking.”

Although this seems like a pretty strong hint that the reticle issue will at last be addressed, we cannot take it as confirmation, nor is it clear when 343 Industries might issue the aiming fix. On the other hand, we can all be hopeful that one of the most frustrating little faults in Halo Infinite will finally be resolved.

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