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Lord of the Rings maps become Halo Infinite PvP spots thanks to Forge

Red Nomster tells PCGamesN about their Lord of the Rings maps Forge creations, with The Shire already being built in FPS game Halo Infinite's creation tool

Lord of the Rings "competitive" maps are being made in Halo Infinite: A Spartan stands outside a Forge creation of The Shire

A whole host of Lord of the Rings maps are being made in Halo Infinite Forge, with a few of them planned to be playable spaces for game modes when Forge comes to the free-to-play FPS game later this year. The extra maps will be joining a recreation of Hobbiton, which has already been shown off.

Developed by Red Nomster, who also made a Halo Infinite Forge Toy Story map, their recreation of The Shire from Lord of the Rings gained some attention online after it showed an almost perfect rendition of Bilbo’s house, so we reached out to find out more about the project in the multiplayer game.

“I plan on making more Lord of the Rings content come November 8th,” Red Nomster tells PCGamesN. “Minas Tirith, Helms’ deep, Mines of Moria – there are plenty of fun places I’d want to try to build in Halo that have been attempted in the past. Halo Infinite should be able to do these locations more justice though!”

Considering this recreation of The Shire is what Red Nomster comes up with before Halo Infinite Forge’s full release on November 8, there’s no telling how detailed and expansive other Lord of the Rings locations could be. The Shire is a map just meant for exploration (with an interior to Bilbo’s house), but any others made when Forge fully releases will be built around actually being playable multiplayer spaces.

“November’s Forge update will add flat worlds so there’ll be plenty of space to recreate the larger locations,” adds Red Nomster. “But like my Toy Story map there will be some creative changes to make it more competitive and fun to play with Halo’s gameplay in mind!”

Of these Lord of the Rings maps, Red Nomster says he’s going to wait until Forge’s full release to make as they’re unsure if anything will transfer over to the retail version in Halo Infinite, with The Shire almost acting like a proof of concept for the idea.

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