Halo Infinite match XP tuned to be “quicker” than challenge system

The Halo Infinite Winter Update match XP system has been further outlined by 343 Industries, and it sounds like a promising return for the FPS game

Halo Infinite match XP tuned to be "quicker" than challenge system: the pilot smiling

The Halo Infinite Winter Update video has given us even more of a breakdown of the new match XP system, and how 343 Industries has listened to players to implement a system not solely reliant on completing challenges in the FPS game. There’s also loads of details about the new free battle pass, Forge, game modes, and maps as well, as 343 is clearly gearing up to attempt a complete revitalisation of the game.

Set for release on November 8, the Halo Infinite Winter Update might just be the biggest single content drop the multiplayer game has seen since it launched this time last year, and it may turn the game around a significant amount too, as many think it has been mired with a lack of content, at least on the multiplayer side, since launch.

Arguably the biggest change incoming to Halo Infinite is the XP system, as 343 Industries has listened to feedback since launch, and wants to offer a more robust XP reward system, and not one based purely on challenge completion.

“One of the biggest pieces of feedback that we’ve gotten since we launched is that people want a system that gives them XP points for just playing the game,” says head of Halo Infinite live service Sean Baron.

“The new match XP system actually rewards players for playing. As you’re playing matches you get XP, if you win you get a little bit of bonus XP, if you perform well you get a little bit of bonus XP, and we’re trying to tune that system so that it actually gets you moving through the battle pass a lot quicker than we have in the past.”

You can check out the full Halo Infinite Winter Update video from 343 Industries below:

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Halo Infinite Winter Update content:

  • Two maps: Argyle and Detachment
  • New game mode: Covert One-Flag
  • Free 30-tier battle pass
  • Two events: Winter Contingency 2 and Joint Fire
  • Match XP changes
  • Forge
  • Campaign co-op

It’s also worth noting that all of this is free too, alongside the multiplayer portion of the game being free as well, so it’s always nice to have free stuff, isn’t it? Covert One-Flag is also the first asymmetrical game mode in Halo Infinite, where one team needs to collect the flag with infinite camo, while the other needs to defend.

Forge work during the beta will also carry over to the full release so the maps and modes will carry over, like the Rocket League style soccer game shown off in the video above. There will be six canvas levels for you to make your stuff in, to help bring all your in depth creations to life. 343 wants to put the greatest creations on a pedestal, and let all players access them and try them with friends and competitors, which sounds amazing.

Despite the stumbles, it’s abundantly clear that 343 cares about getting Halo Infinite right, and these large scale changes and additions are absolutely a step in the right direction, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out over time.

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