Halo Infinite’s console cross-save feature isn’t working on Steam

The Steam version of Halo Infinite appears to lack cross-save functionality, meaning you'll have play a Windows Store copy to benefit from the feature

Master chief side view facing Cortana with blue backdrop

Halo Infinite has finally landed, and the latest entry to the Master Chief saga is the first game in the series to launch on console and gaming PCs simultaneously. While this is largely thanks to Microsoft’s dedication to the PC platform and increased integration of Xbox services, it looks like Steam players could miss out on features like cross-save compatibility.

According to The Verge’s Tom Warren, Halo Infinite’s PC to console cross-save feature only works with the Windows Store version of the game. Naturally, this means if you’re playing Halo Infinite using Steam, you won’t be able to pick up where you left off on an Xbox Series X or S.

It’s worth noting that the Steam version of Halo Infinite isn’t lacking when it comes to Xbox app integration, as players can team up with console players and invite Xbox account friends to fireteams. Yet, it seems like something is missing when it comes to game file integration, and it’s potentially linked to the way Windows handles app-related save files.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for clarification, so we’ll hopefully know whether to expect Halo Infinite cross-save Steam compatibility, or if it’s is a Windows Store exclusive. If the feature only applies to Microsoft storefront copies of the game, it could tempt some players away from Valve’s popular PC storefront.

That said, fans are also reportedly experiencing bugs with the Microsoft Store version of Halo Infinite, so the convenience of dual-wielding console and PC gameplay might not be worth any potential disruption to your Spartan themed weekend plans.