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Halo Infinite battle pass gets reworked again, with “performance-based XP” to come

Halo Infinite gets yet another challenge rework, and there are more profound changes on the way

A Halo Infinite multiplayer match

Halo Infinite officially launched last week, and it’s pretty fantastic in every way but one: its battle pass system. Today’s update, as promised, introduces a range of dedicated Slayer playlists, and makes a third set of changes to multiplayer progression, further reworking challenges. The devs say more changes are on the way, too, and tease a few updates that will move the system away from its reliance on challenges.

You will now find fewer battle pass challenges requiring you to play specific modes and activities. There are now new challenges tied to playlists, with things like accumulating personal score, earning a number of kills, or simply completing or winning games.

“There’s a lot of work to do here to truly address player feedback around these systems,” the devs explain in the blog post, “and broader changes are going to take time (i.e. performance-based XP, per-match XP, additional progression vectors, etc.), but in the interim, the team will continue targeting meaningful services-side updates to hone and improve the overall experience.”

The devs are also making it easier to catch up on event challenges, though you’ll still need to keep playing over multiple rotations of an event to fully level through the event pass. We’ll get more details on these changes when Fracture: Tenrai returns on January 4.

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